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Standard Pins Simplify 
the Design Process

Are tooling pin details killing your productivity? You build quality tools and take pride in your craftmanship – we want to help with the details. Avoid stress, design disruption, and the added workload of making pins in-house by utilizing Standard Pins. Standard Pins improve your productivity:

  • Reduce the busy-work of modeling & detailing drawings
  • Eliminate time & money spent on machining
  • Give your tools a finished look – right down to the pin & bolt details
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Simplify Your Design Process with Standard Pins

Concerned with Spending Valuable Design Resources on Modeling & Detailing Pins?

Work on What Matters

Your skilled design talent is a valuable resource. Well-built designs set you apart from the competition. Use talent where it makes sense in the design process and leave the pin details to us. Standard Pins give your tools a polished look and feel while adding value to your overall product.

Eliminate the Frustration, Time, & Cost of Making Custom Pins

Standard Pins Enhance the Quality of Your Workmanship

How Much Are Custom Pins Really Costing You?

Successful tool makers are switching to standard, commercial pins! Tool makers know that it takes time and money to create custom pins. Is a custom process costing you five or 10 times the price of the pin? It doesn’t have to.

By using Standard Pins in your design, you can avoid:

The time-consuming task of drawing and detailing the dimensions and instructions.

Purchasing and waiting for material to arrive.

Setting up machines for small runs.

Secondary steps like brazing, roll pins, assembly, heat treat and finish grind.

  • Cost of hours for design time
  • Cost of print detail creation and review
  • Cost of raw materials and lead time
  • Cost of machine set up
  • Cost of hours for machinist
  • Cost of the shop
  • Cost of heat treat
  • Cost of finish grind
  • Cost of brazing
  • Cost of coating

Eliminate costs associated with making custom pins when you switch!

Customers – including Northrop Grumman – have shared with us how hassle-free Standard Pins are to use.

Streamline your design process, alleviate frustration among your top talent, and reduce time and money needed to deliver a quality tool.

Harcourt Standard Pins are helping aerospace tooling professionals increase productivity!

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